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Our Guide to Health and Safety

Covid Guide to Health and Safety

To Our Guests, Friends & Family,

Whether you’ve called us home since the day we first opened our doors over 25 years ago or you’re looking to join us for the very first time, we want to extend our warmest welcome and start by saying: We Can’t Wait to See You.

You’ll find our guide to health and safety practices below. It details our procedures and the changes that have been made with your wellbeing in mind.

We look forward to welcoming you back, mindfully and thoughtfully.

With Love,

Soho Grand

It’s All in the Details

SPOTLESS ALL DAY, EVERY DAY – Frequent cleaning and extra attention is paid to communal “high touch” areas within the hotel such as door handles, light switches, elevator buttons, countertops, room keys, bathrooms, stair handrails and seated and dining spaces. All areas will be cleaned and sanitized throughout the day. 

WORK IT OUT – Fitness room occupancy has a maximum of four people at a time. For assistance, please see guest reception. 

BREATH OF FRESH AIR – Air quality is being monitored with high performance air filters to increase air circulation in the building and all equipment is maintained to DOH standards.

REST ASSURED – Guest rooms are sanitized and sealed prior to arrival with extra care taken to fog each room with BioSpray.

SMARTER, NOT HARDER – Our In-room Samsung Smart TV’s are entertainingly yours with virtual fitness sessionsChromecastIn-Room Dining, and serve as a digital resource for all guest services including health and safety procedures.

WITH THE PUSH OF YOUR HAND – Hand sanitizer stations are posted up and in position throughout the hotel, just give them a push.

IN GOOD HEALTH – We’ve raised the bar with our already strict Food Safety Programs and Food Handling Procedures by implementing further hand sanitizing practices, produce washing and vendor protocols.

SPECIAL DELIVERY – Contactless Room-service is available upon request and delivered outside guest rooms using sustainable, single-use packaging.


Soho Grand Hotel

310 West Broadway
New York, NY 10013

(212) 965-3000
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