For Bill Sofield, who has collaborated with the Hotel from its inception, the Soho Grand incorporates distinct architectural materials and styles that celebrate the two great moments of SoHo’s history; the grandeur of the 1870’s Gilded Age and the luxurious artistry of the 1970’s. The design mirrors the sophisticated, art-forward nature of the neighborhood surrounding it. Sofield created the clean, romantically eclectic spaces with one eye on the street and the other in the heavens, using such historic neighborhood materials as the glass-bottle staircase, the intricate cast-iron detailing, and the majestic masonry columns—all of which create a seamless leap from the streets outside to the finest New York City accommodations inside. Artistry and workmanship is celebrated with hand painted elevator doors, the stunning hand painted silver leaf ceiling in the Salon above the magnificent twin ornamental blackened steel birdcages, and the extraordinary conte drawing over the Grand Stair.

Soho Grand’s guestrooms and suites take cue from the public spaces and feature original furnishings and high end fixtures. Sofield employed rich materials and textures in palettes of chocolate, champagne, and taupe. An appreciation for artistry is visible in the selection of artwork, of custom and vintage pieces, the wire-glass mirror, and the bathroom’s playful wall covering designed by famed New Yorker illustrator, Saul Steinberg.