Urban Art Fair, Bringing Street Art to the Spotlight

Debuting in Paris in 2016, the Urban Art Fair quickly became the focus of what’s hot in the “urban art” market by its second rendition this past April. Now, the Parisian fair is bringing the crème de la crème of exhibitors and urban artists (past and present) to the NYC’s Spring Studios, a stone’s throw from Soho Grand. Running for five days at the end of the month (Thursday, June 29-Monday, July 3), the Urban Art Fair is a must-see for contemporary art.


Art by Futura 2000

Watching the urban art movement unfold is incredibly exciting for those interested in art history. Urban Art has gone from an illegal expression considered to be vandalism by many, to a global movement that has captured the attention – and economy – of the international art world. Thanks to popular artists like Banksy and Shepard Fairey, the genre has pushed its way from the streets to the spotlight, becoming a relatable art form that speaks to both the art elite, and the art shy.

Set on the top floors of Spring Studios, the five-day fair will show the best of the urban art world alongside panoramic views of Manhattan and the Hudson River. Hailing from London, Paris, Marrakech and beyond, 23 international galleries will represent what has come to be defined as Urban Art, including a resurrected representation of the iconic “Fun Gallery”.

“Over My Head” by JonOne

Opened in 1981 by Patti Astor, Fun Gallery was a pinnacle of the East Village art and hip hop scene, serving as the seminal gallery for enduring urban artists like Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Kenny Scharf, FUTURA 2000 and Lee Quinones. The New York presence of the fair will entice the old school fans of graffiti and street art, but also serve as an educational tool for art lovers, by paying equal attention to important artists who helped craft the genre in the 1970s, as well as the emerging and mid-career urban artists whom these veterans have influenced throughout their careers.  The myriad of subgenres and artists who work in them will show the eclectic scope that Urban Art has taken. Stencil masters like Logan Hicks and Nick Walker, traditional graffiti style of Crash and BIO, abstract genius of Remed and JonOne, the wit of Banksy, the historic masterpieces of Keith Haring and  Jean-Michel Basquiat along with many others will flesh out the diversity and breadth that has come to define the Urban Art movement known today.

In addition to a veritable “Who’s Who” in the urban art world amongst the exhibitors, the Urban Art Fair always brings an exciting schedule of programming. Carefully curated panel discussions, projects, installations and meetings help to define the important art movement.  A special partnership with Les Nouveaux Createurs called “Urban Influence” will also bring an exhibition on the intersection of fashion and urban art, with collaborative pieces between urban artists and fashion designers.

The New York Edition of the Urban Art Fair will run from Thursday, June 29-Monday July 3 at Spring Studios, 6 Saint Johns Lane.