Ones To Watch | Curated By @TheAcademy New York

There are countless Instagram accounts that appropriate aesthetically pleasing images from the Internet. Why then, is The Academy New York our favorite? In a word, curation. While the posts, which range from 90s celebs to minimalist furniture to cheeky marquee signs, are seemingly random, not a one seems out of place (they’re also cleverly organized into groups of three, adding a loose sense of structure). It’s immediately evident that whoever is running this thing has that elusive, unteachable quality: taste.

Given that The Academy, which has recently branched out into a predictably covetable clothing line, is curated as skillfully as the most successful group show, we asked founder Swaim Hutson, an avid art lover and the man with the excellent taste, to handpick his favorite young, up-and-coming artists. Unsurprisingly, his selects differ wildly when it comes to medium, point of view and aesthetic, but still, somehow, you’ll fall in love with all of them.

Claire Tabouret

Paris-born, Los Angeles-based


“An artist with a beautiful sense of color, Claire subtly brings you in through bringing the subject to life. I am especially drawn to her more recent poppy-toned paintings. Claire’s focus appears to be mainly painting for now, but her past includes some really beautiful, dreamy near-life like ceramic works.”

Claire had a recent Solo show at Night Gallery LA. Her next solo show is set to open May 4th, Villa Medeci, Rome.

Canyon Castator (Los Angeles)


“Canyon brings scenes to life through manipulating personal memories and imagery of the past or future experiences. Canyon’s work has a way of bringing you in and making you feel as though you have been there before. I find his style to be truly unique and think Canyon’s future is beyond bright.”

Canyon’s works are currently on view at Postmasters Gallery NY.

Kalen Hollomon (New York)


“Kalen Hollomon produces mixed media works with an emphasis on the ever-changing relationship between subject and object. I am drawn to all of Kalen’s work and love his sense of humor and highly imaginative thought and eye. Just when you think you might have an idea as to his thought, Kalen takes you on a completely different journey.”

Zhenya and Tanya Posternak (Ukraine-born, New York-based)

@zposternak @tanyaposternak

“The twin sisters and minds behind Mansur Gravriel’s campaigns, these twins caught my attention immediately with their amazing eye for details, architecture and beautifully captured colors. They’re very similar in their work, yet each of the sisters have very subtle differences that is unique to the Posternak name and often tough to decipher. In a digital world where everyone seems to be a photographer, these two stand out as my favorites in a very modern way.”

Tali Lennox (New York)


Tali Lennox paints beautiful portraits and often describes her work as a mixture of light and darkness. Her recent one-night show in December exhibited works of group portraits and unknown subjects working off of old photographs. The works were in muted, washed out tones that almost have a smear-like brush stroke, leaving some faces appear empty and ghost-like. Seeing her works change direction a bit leaves me excited to see her next turn.

Tali is currently finalizing details for a solo show this coming Fall in New York.

The Academy New York @theacademynewyork
Words by Allyson Shiffman