Get Lost in Toilet Paper Paradise at Cadillac House

Take a break from the rat race and step into a world of slurpy spaghetti floors, popcorn-starred skies and furniture lifted from a Surrealist dream. Cadillac House, the unassuming automobile showroom complex, has a new trippy gallery and it’s free and open to the public to explore. An immersive installation by artists Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, “Toiletpaper Paradise” invites visitors to sit in, on and around their over the top “apartment”- which is perfect for staging your own pics inside their wacky world.

Cadillac House has been taken over by multi-platform creative agency, Visionaire. Their latest curation brings the pages of avant-garde art magazine created by Cattelan and Ferrari, TOILETPAPER, into the third dimension. Inside, visitors are transported to the fantastical minds of the artist duo, and into a series of psychedelic domestic scenes that feel both vintage and futuristic at the same time (think Mad Men on acid…). In the popcorn-printed bedroom, visitors can lounge in bed staring at an old rotary phone, or apply lipstick in the en suite dressing room. Spaghetti-printed paper covers the walls and floor of the living room, which is complete with couch, sofas, and 1970s bar for mixing cocktails. The kitchen is stacked with trays, plates, cups, saucers and kettles emblazoned with Cattelan and Ferrari’s designs, set across a table for four in which guests are encouraged to sit, stay awhile, and even eat lunch. Finally, the bathroom is an homage to the exhibition’s (and magazine’s) namesake, with rainbow rolls of toilet paper mounted from floor to ceiling, cascaded over fish wallpaper and a collection of mirrors.

Aside from being the most Instagrammable art exhibition in New York right now, Toiletpaper Paradise truly is magical in that visitors can take a piece of the exhibition home with them. Most of the pieces in the show; printed carpets, tote bags, mirrors, plates, trays, kitchen wear and sculptural works, are actually a product collaboration with Italian design company Seletti. The Cattelan and Ferrari designed lines are available through various design retailers online and in person, with a special collection of carpets for offer at the Museum of Modern Art Design Store, and are priced affordably.

Grab a cup of coffee at Joe in the lobby and then get ready to stage your new favorite pictures inside the exhibition. Toiletpaper Paradise runs through April 12 at Cadillac House, 330 Hudson Street and is open weekdays from 8am to 7pm, and weekends from 10am to 5pm.