5 Minutes With Karaoke Maestro - Wade Crescent

Tucked away on the always-buzzing Sunset Strip is the Blind Dragon, the only place Los Angeles scenesters have trusted to get their karaoke fix ever since it opened in 2015. The lounge is inconspicuous from the outside with an unmarked entrance, but step in and you’re treated to one of the most vibrant venues in L.A. The entire space is outfitted with stylish décor: striking light fixtures, a strong dose of greenery, and vibrant red and gold Chinese accents at every turn. You might find a fashionable crowd at the bar and dance-floor, but the private karaoke rooms are where the real fun takes place.

Overlooking all of this is Wade Crescent, a suave Brit who has made a name for himself all over the world for his ability to put together a raucous party before becoming the life of it. No stranger to New York, Crescent has regularly DJ’d the best clubs in the city and this week he’ll take over the Club Room for a one-night-only Blind Dragon pop-up. Before we start belting out the tunes, we quickly caught up with the self-described “professional karaoke singer” who gave us his best singing tips, as well as an inside word on what we can expect when the Blind Dragon lands in NYC.

What are your tips for karaoke rookies?

As a karaoke virgin, I would stick to song you know and love. Once you’ve mastered that. It’s time to experiment. Passion is key, even if you mess up. Just stick with it and enjoy yourself…it’s not an audition. When you’ve popped your cherry, it will be hard to get you off the mic.

What’s your personal favorite song to sing?

My favorite song to sing is Louis Prima “I Wanna Be Like You” from the Jungle Book. But I also group sing-along, such as “We Are The Champions.” My karaoke partner Nik Mojo does an amazing Elvis delivery of Britney Spears’ “Hit Me Baby One More Time.”

As a “professional karaoke singer,” have you ever had a karaoke fail?

Every night I fail. It’s part of the charm. I might be on roll and think. I’m sure I can nail Whitney Houston. Then completely murder it. But every now and again you find a new song to add to your go-to-list.

What song can you count on to get the crowd going?

“Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Summer Lovin” (from Grease) are 100% karaoke fail proof.

What’s one of the wildest nights you’ve experienced at Blind Dragon?

Singing karaoke with Mick Jagger has to be way up there.

What are your favorite karaoke spots when you’re in NYC?

I like the lowkey ones in Chinatown.

Do you notice a difference between the nightlife crowds in L.A and NYC?

The grass is greener.

What’s your key to bringing the Blind Dragon vibe to the Club Room?

A lot of New Yorkers have already experienced it. So I’m excited to have them help come lead the way on home turf. Good news is we can go later than 2!

Join Wade and a host of DJs at the Club Room this Wednesday, August 31st. View more details about the event here

Image courtesty of Purple Magazine