Farm To Market Stand

No matter what part of town you’re in, fresh produce is something every New Yorker lives for – and residents and visitors alike jump on the chance to get the best the season has to offer. We sat down with not one, but two of our Soho Grand Locals who consider themselves more than just patrons of the famous Union Square Greenmarket (just check their Instagram accounts) to get an insider look at this iconic downtown destination for fresh food.

Jennifer Fisher – @jenniferfisherjewelry

I hit the Union Square Greenmarket twice a week for my favorite herbs, fruits and vegetables, as well as seafood and gluten-free bread. It’s only a block from my 5th Avenue flagship, so I love to go during lunch.

I discovered by favorite gluten-free bread at The Gluten Free Bakery, which is part of the Our Daily Bread (ODB) bakery from Chatham, New York. My favorite flavor is “Seedy” and Raisin, served with a ton of dairy-free butter. They also have a great vegan version made with flax that has amazing flavor and depth. (In case you can’t make it to the Greenmarket, you can find it on Fresh Direct.)

My kids love Martin’s Pretzels – they’re their favorite. I’m dying for them to come out with a gluten-free version. They are the crunchiest and most flavorful pretzels I have ever tried… except they contain gluten, so I can’t eat them!

I love to buy seafood from P.E. & D.D. Seafood – the kids love the whitefish. I’ll use it for homemade, kid-friendly fish sticks made with panko.

Tweefontein sells the best herbs in assorted sizes and mini-packs, which are so useful when you only need a little – like a garnish for eggs.

The Greenmarket has great eggs, but I have mine delivered from Westwind Orchard Farm, which is owned by the amazing stylist (and friend) Laura Ferrara.

My favorite simple breakfast uses her eggs, the “Seedy” bread from ODB, and herbs from Tweefontein – it’s so easy. I’ll poach them with white vinegar, or raw coconut vinegar, garnish with fresh herbs, and serve with a piece of toasted bread. Breakfast is served!

Carol Han – @carolhan

So, I go to the Greenmarket about three days a week to stock up on various things. I cook A LOT, so I find I’m always in need! I love the tiny tri-star strawberries at Mountain Sweet Berry Farm. They also have amazing greens – a really limited selection, but they’re always so spectacular. I just bought some type of broccoli leaf green this morning, and I can’t wait to make a salad out of it tonight.

I also love the greens from Lani’s – their spinach is the best. They only have it until the end of June, and I’m still sad it’s gone for the season. I get a small chicken from B&Y Farms most weeks, and on Saturdays, a very small spring chicken from Violet Hill. Violet Hill also has the most gorgeous eggs. They come in blues and greens, and golds. I obviously get so excited about the golden eggs.

Jen’s right – the gluten-free bread varieties at Our Daily Bread are killer. I especially like the flax version.

I get fish from Blue Moon or Pura Vida. Lately, I’ve been all about the flounder. It’s so easy to make – just a little salt and pepper, a quick dredge in flour, and then a fry-up in a non-stick skillet with good olive oil, garlic, herbs, and lemon. I serve that with a green salad and basmati rice, and it’s perfect.

The freshly churned butter at Central Valley can’t be beat. It’s so creamy and delicious; it’s hard not to just eat on its own. So gross, I know, but it’s true. I also love their eggs.

I get my garlic from Keith’s Farm—he’s known to grow the best.

Eckerton Hill Farm is great for everything.

On Saturdays, I’ll usually grab a rice roll from Fifth Floor Farm Kitchen. It’s kind of a healthy cult favorite over there—they’re so weird and delicious.

When I’m in the mood for a steak, I’ll get one from Grazin’ Angus on Saturdays. My god, their meat is so good. It’s all about the rib eye. Rising Sun Farm has great meat as well.

I get blue corn tortillas from Hot Bread Kitchen every Wednesday, and make myself a little egg breakfast taco every morning. They’re the best tortillas I’ve ever had. I toast them dry on the stove until they get really crisp, and then fill them with eggs scrambled with a little sweet Italian sausage. Speaking of, I get that sausage from a Vermont farm that’s there on Wednesdays, and I can’t remember the name of it right now. It’s so, so good, though, so that’s a must.

And if you’re in the mood for something sweet, I really like the homemade apple pies at Terhune Orchards.

Union Square Greenmarket: Broadway at 17th Street; Open Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday, 8:00am – 6:00pm

With that being said, we’re officially starving. To take advantage of the freshest the markets have to offer, we’ve listed some of our favorite spots that champion the farm-to-table ideal in their menus. (Or in this case, market-to-table.) Bon appetit:

 ABC Kitchen: 35 East 18th Street, between Broadway & Park Avenue South 

Butcher’s Daughter: 19 Kenmare Street, at Elizabeth Street

Little Prince: 199 Prince Street, between Sullivan & Macdougal Streets

Claudette: 24 5th Avenue, between West 9th & 10th Streets

The Fat Radish: 17 Orchard Street, between Canal & Hester Streets

Lafayette: 380 Lafayette Street, between Great Jones & East 4th Streets

Rosemary’s: 18 Greenwich Avenue, at West 10th Street